Running May 21 – May 27


The running numbers for Sunday May 21 – Saturday May 27 are in:

– Clare: 28.6 km
– Estelle: 26.2 km
– Imran: 6 km
– Leila: 10 km
– Melina: 0 km
– Mr. T:  31.5 km
– Paul: 12 km
– Sutha: ? 29 km

What’s happening to Mr. T? This is I think the worse mileage I have seen from you in months.
I did not reach my quota of 50 km this week so I put $50 in the donation box – this business of not managing to run a minimum of 50 km per week has to stop. It is not that hard and if hard cash will buy me discipline and hard cash it is. I will give away $50 each week I do not complete the 50 km.

Mr. T needs cheering up.

Estelle is off to a good start!

Sutha: I know you did the half marathon in Ottawa? How was it?