Sweaty Betty

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  1. Didn’t hear from your guys for so long! How are you, guys. So sorry to learn Robert passed away. Oh, my little sweet company. Miss u!

    Thank you Leila for the invitation but sorry that I cannot make it tomorrow. BTW, wish the patio is covered ’cause seems it will be rainning whole day tomorrow.

  2. Hi Leila
    Good to hear from you and thanks for the invite. We will try and make it. Check out my new web site that Arnold designed.

  3. Kristin and I probably won’t be able to make it. I’m out of the hospital but BBQ and drinking are definitely against doctors orders.

  4. I wouldn’t miss it even if it rains buckets!

    I’m kind of hoping it won’t though…

  5. Leila, great to hear from you! Brian is out of town, however my friend Evelyn and I will stop by either before or after the Walk of Fame event tonight.

    Looking forward to seeing everyone!

  6. Thanks for the invitation! I’m going to another friend’s party tonight, but I look forward to attending a future get-together. =)

  7. Can’t make it due to a (presently indoors) bbq. Thanks for the invite though.

  8. Sorry, Susan and I can’t make it. Scanning your blog, I’m impressed by the amount of running you’ve got the office doing, even if you’re not always hitting your own goals.

    I’ve been dragging Susan out for some long bike rides. Next year Alpe d’Huez for sure!

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