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Bye Bye Biarritz and Paris
Finally back in Toronto.
Biarritz was gorgeous. Breathtaking views of the ports and sea. Some fantastic sunsets and a great Cepic tradeshow. Over 700 attendees this year, perhaps more. Always a great opportunity to stay in touch with one of our industries, meet new customers and hear about some of the challenges they are facing. Our image monitoring service is always center stage during Cepic. I also spent time with one of our latest clients: AFP. We are quite excited!

I even managed to keep up with my running. Not as much as I wanted but still..
Running in Biarritz was a breeze. The views were so gorgeous you did not really pay attention to the mileage. A few of my runs ended at 2 and 3 AM as I only started running after all the days meetings, dinners and drinks. It was the best time to run as temperatures dropped down considerably. Biarritz was an inferno with temperatures over 30C. Given that France has yet to discover air conditioning we spent most of our time baking just about anywhere we went. It was hot, hot, hot.
Now looking forward to catching up with the team.

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