Running June 4 – 10, 2006


A late report for our running last week. An impressive week for both Estelle and Mr. T. Congrats you two! The business travel has affected my running. Biarritz temperatures were nuts: 30-35C and no air conditioning anywhere practically. I ran at night mostly but still only managed a dismal 30k. This week will be better as I am already at 25k and it is only Tuesday! Mostly thanks to the Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris. One of my fav running spots (after the Tuileries!).

The running numbers for Sunday June 4 – Saturday June 10 are in:

– Clare: 25.1 km
– Estelle: 34.8 km
– Imran: ?km
– Leila: 30 km
– Melina: 5 km
– Mr. T:  76 km
– Paul: 25 km
– Sutha: ? km

I will put my $50 in the money pot this week… I better start making some real money soon! I also damaged my knee last week… so the rest of the 25k I need are going to be completed at a very slow pace. Bad knee = unhappy Leila and we don’t want that. I am so looking forward to the run tomorrow.
Melina is struggling so I think I am going to need to get the carrot out or something. Sutha is ? on vacation? I am not sure but it looks like I will have to drag him out this week see if we can rekindle his interest in running…
A couple of weeks ago Sarah who works at Idee talked about joining us so I will check with her to see if we will have a new addition to the team.

Keep on running folks.

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