Mathew Ingram links to one of the latest articles about Google server farms. Being in image searching as it is and managing a growing cluster these articles are always a great read. At Idee we had to upgrade our entire building’s air conditioning and electrical supply and dedicate an entire floor to our cluster. It is growing and I am sure that we will outgrow our current location…that should not be a surprise to anyone involved in image searching!

Google’s numbers:

  • Their new computing center is as big as two football fields with twin cooling plants
  • The location of the new computer center is at the intersection of cheap electricity and readily accessible data networking (oh no kidding!): this is in Columbia along the Oregon-Washington border
  • According to the NYT the new building will "probably house tens of thousands of inexpensive processors and disks, held together with Velcro tape in a Google practice that makes for easy swapping of components"
  • In March 2001, Google had 8,000 computers serving up all the searches
  • By 2003 the number had grown to 100,000
  • The best guess today (according to the NYT) is that Google has over 450,000 servers spread over 25 worldwide locations

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