I am on RICE

5 thoughts on “I am on RICE”

  1. You’ll be running again in no time, don’t worry. Just try to calm that type-AAA the-hell-with-logic personality of yours and give the knee the rest it requires!

    Mr. T.

  2. Don’t take any risks with ITBS – it kept me off my bike for about a year – physio will help, but at the end of the day, though it will drive you nuts, there is no other way than to rest it …

  3. That’s really too bad Leila. It sounds painful too. See you in the pool, you will soon understand and feel the healing, meditative and soul cleansing power of swimming.

  4. oh lord no, not the healing power of swimming! Estelle you are a swimming nut, like I am a running nut. I am only swimming because I can’t run. This is a total punishment for my poor training plan. I am going to focus on not drowning and try to avoid meditation. Help! I am in hell!

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