I am on RICE

I am on RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation) and crying. I went for a run this morning with Paul and Mr. T. They ran. I crawled. I cursed every runner that passed by in total despair. My knee hurts damned it and it just hurts. This time it is no fun. I kept thinking that a couple of days rest would take care of things and I would be off and running very soon. Oh nooooooooo. That’s not what my knee thinks. I just want to scream! I want to do the Triple Tahoe, that’s all I have been thinking about since we decided to do the run a few months back. Tomorrow (Sunday) we have a planning session: looking at the race course, blocking the dates off, planning where to stay, how to get where we need to get, working out our schedule, figuring out if we need support because you run around Lake Tahoe for the races but hey you still need to get back to your hotel room at some point and we won’t be doing that running!

This is bloody sad but "Ya either got faith or ya got unbelief and there ain’t no neutral ground" so I got faith. This too we shall overcome. Repeat after me: you are on RICE. I will see you at the pool Estelle! I am going to run in the pool for the next little while.

You are all probably wondering what the heck I have done, well here is the lowdown:

  1. a lot of training errors: too many miles, violent increase of mileage practically overnight
  2. I don’t warm up and I don’t cool down properly
  3. I love road running and did that a lot without proper shoes. I have proper shoes (I am the queen of running shoes, ask anyone!) but I favour a very light pair of Salomon trail shoes everywhere I go because everywhere I go I hope to get outside and run some trails. It never happens. I am always running on roads. My mum is right: I am an idiot!
  4. Not enough rest between long training days
  5. Poor muscle strength

I now suffer from Illiotibial Band Syndrome (ITBS); it is a very common runner’s knee injury. I am glad I am not alone, I don’t want to feel lonely and abandoned in my misery.
Here is a brief description:

Iliotibial Band Syndrome is one of the leading causes of lateral knee pain in runners. The iliotibial band is a superficial thickening of tissue on the outside of the thigh, extending from the outside of the pelvis, over the hip and knee, and inserting just below the knee. The band is crucial to stabilizing the knee during running, moving from behind the femur to the front during the gait cycle. The continual rubbing of the band over the bone, combined with the repeated flexion and extension of the knee during running may cause the area to become inflamed, or the band itself may suffer irritation.

I found a lot of good articles online.
I need to get this under control pronto. So the work starts now.

This sucks.