A conversation with Eric Mattson

2 thoughts on “A conversation with Eric Mattson”

  1. That’s great that you did an interview with Eric! I’ll give a listen to it when I get a minute.

    Toronto has been well represented on MarketingMonger–Mike McDerment was interview #5, Malgosia & I were #6, and Parv & Daniel were lucky #13.

    I haven’t been through the whole list of podcasts, were there other Torontonians? Who else will reserve their spot in history on Eric’s blog?

  2. Hey John,
    That’s fantastic. I have to give credit where credit is due because it was Malgosia who actually introduced me to Eric – Well, I knew about his project, but she dropped him a line about interviewing me and introducing me! Canadians are well represented in his podcasts that’s for sure. I am going to recommend that he interview the unspace.ca folks as that could make for quite a fascinating interview.


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