Search at Supernova

I am at Supernova for the next couple of days. I will be participating tomorrow in the search panel moderated by Chris Shipley of Guidewire Grop. The panel description is below. Search will be – no, it already is – the ultimate interface.

From Search to Eternity
[Moderator: Chris Shipley (Guidewire Group), Kapenda Thomas (CEO, Jookster), David Sifry (CEO, Technorati), Jim Lanzone (CEO,, Leila Boujnane (CEO,]

Search engines are the dominant interface for the Web today, and a huge force in driving economic activity online. What’s next for search? It seems unlikely that we have reached the end-point of significant technical or business evolution in this incredibly active area.

Our session will be followed by the Connected Innovators – this is a first for Supernova.

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