Supernova 2006

Dan Farber is as always doing a fantastic job of covering Supernova, drop by Between the Lines to follow what’s happening here.

The line that summarized Jonathan Schwartz Sun’s CEO: "The era of custom hardware is on its way out" was bang on!

From one of his blog post in May 2006:

"To repeat, we will be simplifying our product line, our supply chain, our development and management processes – while retaining a focus on open source innovation, horizontal scalability and security, and on service automation around our Grid. All while we continue to seamlessly interoperate with existing systems, from mainframes to Microsoft Windows."

I don’t know but in my eyes, from my early days in software I always thought of Sun as a company who sold mission critical hardware. You know you spoke to Sun when your clients needed systems to process millions of transactions (financial industries) and you needed reliable, scalable servers and your clients had a real budget to spend on hardware.
I am looking forward to Sun’s turnaround and I would love to suggest to Jonathan a small focus on small and medium business but Sun needs to focus on what makes sense to regain its market position and perhaps small business/small enterprise is not it?

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