Running June 11 – 17, 2006

The running numbers for Sunday June 11 – Saturday June 17 are in:

– Clare: 21 km
– Estelle: 0 km
– Imran: ?km
– Leila: 0 km
– Melina: ? 10 km
– Mr. T: 50km
– Paul: 28 km
– Sutha: 0 km

I have been quite delinquent in recording our running numbers since my knee injury. Things slowed down to a halt for me. I did a couple of walks but the pain was just awful so I gave up doing anything at all. I did not swim either. I can’t stand doing anything when I can’t run. I started looking at some of the exercises I need to start doing but I have not actually started at all! I am going to start walking to the office and running once a week to see how my knee holds up. I am afraid I am going to walk the triple tahoe at this rate!

Estelle’s non-running week is really not a non-running week since her running is in addition to everything else. That week she did:
– 20 km of swimming
– 132 km of the CardioWave
– 96 km of upright bicycling
– 25 km of rowing
She is nuts! I think she should stop running all together! We look like lazy bums in comparison.

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