Enterprise 2.0 in Toronto

Thursday, July 20th: Enterprise 2.0 in Toronto
Enterprise 2.0 is about the business world applications of "Web 2.0" and "Social Media".
The idea for Enterprise2.0 is built on the hypothesis that the real killer app for the next generation of web and collaborative media technologies is in the enterprise. How can we take our learnings from the recent boom in the consumer internet and apply them to boosting employee productivity, enabling new ways of working and doing business.

Thee Pillars

  1. What’s Possible. The tech portion of agenda. Discussing new and enabling technology. e.g. did you know ajax can do this? here’s a new widget i’ve build that does x a new framework for co-authoring that does y or whatever.
  2. What’s Practical. The business side. e.g. What services will customers really pay for? how do you sell enterprise 2.0 in to the enterprise? what types/sectors of businesses need social media the most? were have you found the most opportunity to do good ?
  3. What’s Human. The UI angle. So you’ve tried introducing some new social media tool to the enterprise. what happened? e.g. Tell us a case studies did any real humans actually use your whiz-bang social bookmarklet app? how did they use it? How did they use it differently than you expected? what did you learn about human/computer behaviour in the process? what advice would you give to anyone implementing similar technology in their enterprise?

Register here. All welcome
When: 6:30pm to 8:30pm
Where: Rower’s Pub (150 Harbord Street, halfway between Bathurst and Spadina).

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