Running Updates June 18 – July 8, 2006

I am so sorry I have not kept up with all the mileage updates. You have all been quite the patient team. This is an update covering June 18 to July 8. Please email me any correction for your mileage. It just feels crappy to record mileage for the team when you are doing zero miles a week! but that’s all changed!

A couple of things:
Estelle injured herself and did not do much running, however she is a training-alcoholic, you know a training nut: she trains using all kinds of crazy machines at the Y. Don’t ask me I can’t even pronounce the name of these machines but when you see a 0 km next to her name, she has not been slacking off! We have draconian rules: nothing counts just the kilometers done on your own two feet. We call that running!

Leila: I am doing better. My knee is still a disaster. I have not done any of the physio exercises. I reduced my running and it feels better. I went and bought running shoes with more support for road running and I am now back at it. Last week was a 30 km week. What a bloody set back. I will have to run and walk the Triple Tahoe… looking forward to it still. My training schedule is awful; I have not managed to build a consistent routine. But things are improving… I should get off the road and run on trails but I am completely in love with road running. Why must I love what hates me?

Melina: needs a bit of a push. We are going to try and set up a running date twice a week perhaps and do a 10k together each time? We invited Sarah but she needs to get seriously started so I think the running date twice a week could get her where she needs to get as well.

Clare: will be doing her first marathon ever at the end of September in California and she is of course worried about it. She can do it and I believe it won’t be that hard for her provided she can stay focused and get passed the boredom at the 30 km mark. She will need to prepare. Exciting times for Clare! She also did 30km of walking last week. Her first ever weekly 30km! But I hear this week she has slacked off?

Mr. T is not doing as well as a few weeks back where he got to book 80 km weeks (nice!). I think it is all that time he is spending building his new boat and sailing the old one. I need to remind him that he can only have one hobby and it has to be running. Run man, run; forget everyting else.

Paul: is hanging in there. Running with Mr. T is helping him develop a routine. They both run in the morning which gets it out of the way. He needs to build his mileage up for Tahoe. More miles buddy!

Sutha and Imran are in a special hell. They run sometimes. They even manage 10km per week, sometimes. But I need to see more miles, more miles boys. Imran has an excuse: he injured himself and it has taken him months to recover. But Sutha? I don’t know man what it is going to take to get this boy to run, run, run.
So boys show me some mileage please! I know that you guys race your tricycles, play squash and video games but reminder: all of that counts for zilch! Get those feet moving now!

Please email me any corrections to your mileage.

Sunday June 18 – Saturday June 24
– Clare: 21 km
– Estelle: 9.8 km
– Imran: 0km
– Leila: 0 km
– Melina: 10 km
– Mr. T: 50km
– Paul: 28 km
– Sutha: 0 km

Your name appears here if you met your weekly running target (winners):
Clare, Paul, Mr T

Your name appears here if you did not meet your weekly running target (losers):
Imran, Leila, Melina, Sutha

Sunday June 25 – Saturday July 1
– Clare: 22.5 km – done
– Estelle: 30.1 km
– Imran: 0km
– Leila: 10 km
– Melina: 10 km
– Mr. T: 40km
– Paul: 18 km
– Sutha: 0 km

Winners: Clare
Losers: Imran, Melina, Mr T, Paul, Leila, Sutha

Sunday July 2 – Saturday July 8
– Clare: 30.5 km
– Estelle: 0 km
– Imran: 0km
– Leila: 30 km
– Melina: 10km
– Mr. T: 56.5km
– Paul: 16 km
– Sutha: 0 km

Winners: Clare, Mr T
Losers: Imran, Leila, Melina, Paul

For those of you who forgot your targets, here is a summary; these are in km per week:

  • Mr T = 50
  • Leila = 50
  • Paul = 25
  • Melina = 15
  • Imran = 10
  • Clare = 20
  • Sutha = who the hell knows?

I believe some of you will want to increase your mileage. Please drop me an email or leave a comment.