Badwater Race Results 2006





Scott Jurek                    Monica Scholz                Akos Konya                Lisa Smith-Baden

Scott Jurek finishes Badwater with a combined time of 25:41:18 putting him first among men.
Congrats Scott! You can check out the Badwater webcast here. This year the amazing Akos Konya takes second place. And the first woman to cross the finish line is … drum roll…Monica Scholz in 32:07:01. Fantastic! She kicks butt. Beautiful.

Now 7th time Badwater finisher, Lisa Smith-Batchen of Idaho, is still out there. Lisa was my coach last year, she totally encouraged my fascination with running! This year she is doing a hell of a race: 300 miles, a double Badwater crossing. I hope she makes it. This is so incredible. Lisa’s interview with the Badwater webcast crew can be heard here.
Nattu Natraj whom I met at the MDS in 2005 is at Badwater this year as well. He is still out there. The time spilts can be viewed here.

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