The Wrecking Ball performance on Monday was fantastic. I love political theatre but I have not seen a performance in years. Monday’s performance was just great. Started late in the evening (11 PM) and ended close to 1 AM. Late night performance for sure but that’s the best time for some political discourse. Monday night was my first attempt in years to get back to doing something not related to visual search and working or running!

Here is an intro to the Wrecking Ball from the National Post. Sign up for their newsletter to get notified for the performance. These performances sell out fast.

Is Canadian theatre too politically timid? That’s what the founders of The Wrecking Ball felt when they started up their popular evening of new political plays two years ago.

While theatres in New York and London were tackling hot-button issues like the Iraq war and the Middle East with high-profile plays like Tim Robbins’ Embedded, Alan Rickman’s My Name is Rachel Corrie and David Hare’s Stuff Happens, the Toronto theatre scene was a relative oasis from the pressure-cooker politics of the day. "There’s this great tradition of political theatre across the world, especially in the U.K., and none of it existed here," says Andrew Soren, who produces The Wrecking Ball with Lara Azzopardi, David Jansen and Ross Manson. "Wrecking Ball was a response to that … and an incitement to artistic directors to program political work in the theatres."

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