Not the end of air travel: just a new beginning

I am probably going to be the only person to disagree with Seth’s Changing the air travel story post.
Au contraire Seth: showing up and establishing the face to face connection is even more important today then it was a decade ago perhaps.
Air travel is about to become a complete nightmare (it already is!): when you can’t take electronics on a plane, have to check your laptop and can’t even carry a water bottle… we are no longer talking about air travel. We are talking about a "cell block" that we occupy for hours to get from point A to point B.
Sure these changes are going to spike Breeze usage, but I see things differently. We spend a lot of time trying to connect with people via email, phone, video, chat and yet, our most successful connections and the longest lasting ones are person-to-person. We barcamp, earthcamp, seek each other in activities, in business, in learning and that’s not going to change.

Now is the time to start thinking about effective air travel security solutions. Creative ones. Smart ones not just the "get rid of all your belongings" before you get on the plane type of solutions.
The time has come to tap innovations, creativity and apply these to air travel and security.

I am looking forward to my next flight.

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