Visual Search

Xcavator from CogniSign is one the latest additions to the visual search space.
CogniSign was started a couple of years ago by Lenny Kontsevich a research scientist studying cognitive psychology, human and computer vision, and artificial intelligence, and
and Bryan Calkins.

From their press release:

The xcavator product solution provides extremely compelling interactive photo
search capabilities, allowing consumers to naturally search photos based on visual
content. The key to xcavator‘s capabilities is its image recognition engine, powered
by the award-winning CogniSign Intelligent Image Recognition Technology. An
interactive interface in xcavator allows a user to pick key features of interest in a
photo, defining the type of similarity he or she wants to see in a search for more
photos. This empowers the user to specify extremely targeted search tasks for
collections of similar images.

They also blog here and have a series of one pagers describing their offerings here. And you can view a video demo and play with Xcavator here.

You boys are in excellent company. Welcome to the industry.

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