The long run weekend

George Ambler over at The Practice of Leadership has a great post about "how to develop your personal growth plan." Go read it. I am a big fan of mentoring. His post is quite timely as I was thinking about a growth plan for someone I am mentoring as well as for myself – in light of my fascination with running and my desire to improve my running.

I am going to put a plan together to improve my running – of course I can think of a million things to put down in my growth plan but I like focus and I will focus on a single thing: improving my running for this growth plan. I am looking forward to it already!

This weekend is a long running weekend for me. I am going to pile on the km as this is one of the last weekends I will do an extra long run (50km) in preparation for the Triple Tahoe. Provided I can manage an extra long run tomorrow (Saturday) I will dust myself up and run or walk a 10km to see how it feels to do a long run and then get up the next day for more of the same.

I will be doing my running around Dundas Valley: I will actually run on the Hamilton to Brantford Rail Trail. This is a long trail. I will post details later but you can view some of the trail here (pdf). 

Can’t get enough of the pain!

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