Triple Tahoe Prep: We are ready or are we?


Photograph by Emily Bryden

We are two weeks away from the Tahoe Triple. I am not ready… or maybe I should simply say that I am as ready as I am going to be. I am not sure what prompted me to sign up for the Triple Tahoe… oh yes, I remember: the desire to train to attempt the MDS next year? Damn the MDS. It is maddening to have this thing hanging over my head. Who would have thought that I would actually be looking forward to spending 7 days running in the desert, carrying my own gear and (daily) water, sleeping in tents and generally trading the comfort of my own home or hotel room for the horror of the MDS. The brain is a mystery.

I did not run last week and it is getting to me. Tragic. I am not going to run for the remaining days to the Triple. Except for a couple of 5 km runs.
That said I need to come up with a bit of a strategy to complete 3 marathons in a row since I am not an athlete and I have an injured knee and I have not trained properly and …

Day 1 will be about completion. Day 2 about getting to day 3. Day 3 will be about coping with the pain.

I want to be able to finish the Triple Tahoe. I remember my first 50 km race and I want to be strong enough to get out of bed on the third day. I fear the bed. 50 km in a single go is a lot easier than 124 kilometers in 3 days. The stop and go is going to kill me. The temptation to simply stay in bed is so so there already. I am going to use Judy’s strategy: when faced with the impossible, a lousy deal, a crappy hand or … whatever… you pull out your NFW card. You repeat it to yourself: NFW. Write out NFW using a marker and put the card in your pocket. Pull the card when you need it. I am crossing the finish line.

I need to get more consistent in my training. In an entire year it has not improved because work is so so so important right now…. I keep saying right now as if one day it won’t be as important? Who am I kidding?! I will work until I die. Now if I were to die tomorrow what will I regret not doing?

  • the Paris Dakar on anything (motorcycle, car, foot)
  • Tangier to Cape Town (on foot, by car, by any means necessary). I have been dreaming about doing this trip since I was a child
  • more travel and tree planting

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