The 6633 Ultra 2007


I am looking forward to Triple Tahoe. It will be exciting. I haven’t packed or prepared anything and that will need to be completed tonight to make sure that I can still pick up or buy what I will be missing. We have a few hours in San Francisco so we can always drop by REI if we forget anything – it is quite tempting actually.

Now that Tahoe is upon us, I have been thinking about the next thing. I am not sure I will be up to running the MDS in 2007. Thinking about challenges: I would like to go up North, the Yukon or Northwest Territories.
I  spoke to Martin Like who is organizing the 6633 Ultra. This is an amazing, challenging and out of this world ultra. The races (120 or 350 miles) start on Saturday March 17 and end on Monday 19th March for the 120 miles participants and on Sunday 25th March for the 350 miles participants. I am volunteering if they can still use me! The plan so far would be to meet in Whitehorse and be prepared to do anything. He will keep us posted on the race plans. He anticipates having 25-30 participants this year. I can’t believe there are that many people in the world who would attempt this!

About the 6633 Ultra
The first 6633 ultra will take place in March 2007. First things first, a lot of people ask “What does the 6633 mean?” – well it’s the latitude in degrees and minutes of the Arctic Circle, and that is precisely where this awesome challenge will take anyone mad enough to enter. It is a genuine Arctic Race, where participants will undoubtedly experience all the delights the Arctic has to throw at them. The 6633 ultra will be an annual event over a distance of either 120 miles or 350 miles along the Dempster highway where competitors will race non stop on foot and be self sufficient for the entire time.

120 or 350 miles! and seriously cold!

Martin is organizing the race on a "not for profit" basis. He posted a few race reports from the cold – chilling reading! Martins’ Iditasport 130 race report can be viewed here.

Other arctic ultra coverage can be found on the Yukon Arctic Ultra website.

I have always wanted to get to the Yukon and Northwest Territories; this would be the ideal opportunity. If I can survice volunteering then I can start dreaming about a race. It will be great to volunteer.

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