Tahoe Triple Part I

This will be a multi part post.

If you don’t know about the Tahoe Triple then you need to start by reading this post.
I decided to enroll the team (Paul, Mr T and Clare) into the Tahoe adventure. The boys for the Triple and Clare for anything she can do. This is a recap of our adventures.

What is the Triple Tahoe?
The Triple Tahoe is one of the most beautiful races around the lake you can think about doing. 3 marathons in 3 days around Lake Tahoe. An ultimate challenge! This year Johan Oosthuizen from South Africa attempted to break the Guiness World Record for 3 consecutive Marathons. I will need to check out his times to see how he did.

Departure from Toronto

We decided to meet at the Toronto airport: since Clare, Paul and I all
work together that was easy. Mr. T was going to meet us in the lounge. We had
boarding passes and were set to spend an hour catching up and simply discussing
our running plan in the Air Canada lounge. Since these days you need to show up
early at the airport anyway, you may as well get there early enough to do some
work, respond to emails, make last minute phone calls to the office etc.

I spent more than an hour waiting for Mr T in front of the
Air Canada Lounge to get him – and he
was late, late, late! He ended up showing up 20 minutes before boarding time to
share with us that he lost his passport! He arrived at the airport on time, he
drove himself and parked in the long term parking, got into the shuttle and
arrived in the airport with plenty of time to spare for checking in. At the check
in counter he realized he did not have his passport with him. He remembered
putting the passport in his pocket and having it so… it must have been lost
along the way. Off he goes back to the long term parking via shuttle, searches
the car and surrounding areas, retraces his steps… no passport. It was
getting late so he went back to the airport, checked in with is ID and joined
us in the lounge. Rocky start to the trip!






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