Share your meal with me

5 thoughts on “Share your meal with me”

  1. Leila Goes Foodless

    I see that my pal Leila Boujnane is relying on fair weather friends like me to keep he alive this month: [from Fric Frac] I am doing a small experiment to reconnect with the world: I will not buy any

  2. I’m in and I’ll even give you options: Kit Kat at King/John or that brand new Korean BBQ restaurant at Yonge/Bloor.

    Wait…you’re not a vegetarian are you?

  3. What a great idea! Depend on your friends to keep you alive. It is a win-win-win situation. You get to hang with your friends, you get to eat other peoples food, and in the worst case, you get svelt. I’m a sucker for life saving requests. Worst case, I will call a Toronto pizza establishment from L.A. and have one delivered to you, though feeding you in person would be much more satisfying.

  4. “two scare meals a day”? it would almost be worthwhile to take up cooking, just to have a go at scaring you with food!

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