Don’t spend a cent week

Leila1 Coffee1_1

The first 3 days of my don’t spend a cent week have gone very well. No complaints. Have not spent a dime, not even for food. Chris Nolan would be proud! Now I thought it would be quite easy to do this but… I have a challenge: what to do about food this weekend? I mean this week was pretty ok. We usually have a weekly lunch in the office and I had a couple of business lunches/dinner which kind of took care of feeding me. But the weekend is coming up. Perhaps I am taking this "don’t spent a cent" too far. Chris, was it supposed to include not spending money on food as well?

Oh la la.

Now the worst part: I am dying for a coffee from Mercury Organic. I mean litteraly dying for it – understandable, they make the best espresso or americano in this town. This is nuts! This is what happens when you can’t have something. Perhaps someone will buy me a coffee? But that’s not right because they will be spending money. I should simply do without until next week. Voila.

See what you have done Chris!

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