Zoomr increases its monthly photo upload limits


Via TechCrunch: Zooomr has increased its monthly photo upload limits for free and pro accounts. Free account holders will be allowed 100 MB of photo uploads per month and pro accounts 4 GB per month. The company emphasizes that this means Zooomr is offering 5 times as much upload for free accounts as Flickr does and is doubling Flickr’s pro account size. Pro accounts at Zooomr have been free for bloggers since July.

…but what I find quite fascianting is one line in Thomas Hawks‘ (the Evangelist and CEO for Zooomr) response to one of the comments posted over at TechCrunch:

Zooomr is getting more traffic from China than anywhere else in the world.

I joined Zoomr a while back and I have a ton and I mean a ton of images to upload. Perhaps this weekend?

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