I want “f**king cool!”

Chris at work reminded me of how much I love Kathy Sierra. One of her last post: How do you want them to talk about your product and its link to Corporate vs Passionate is right on! And the post even describes the behaviour of one of my best friends: "caress-the-new-Blackberry-until-your-friends-start-to-question-your-sanity experience."

I want what we do to be described as "totally drop dead f***ing cool." It is.

If you have not dropped by Kathy’s blog in a while, go back and spend a few hours reading. I also loved her "Dignity is Deadly" post but I am a big fan of Paul Graham and his essays, I mean how can you not be!

They can’t steal your sould unless you let them! Some of my fav posts from Kathy:

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