Matthew Ingram has a great post this morning about Vancouver resident Markus Frind. "He is a bit of a 21st-century superhero. After all, he helped to catch a
suspected murderer who was featured on the TV show America’s Most
Wanted. But instead of using superhuman strength or the ability to see
through solid metal, Markus used his abilities as a programmer and
Webmaster who runs one of the world’s most popular dating websites,

I can’t believe what I am reading: Mr. Frind got an e-mail on Saturday night from the U.S. Marshal
Service, saying someone had seen a picture of the suspected killer,
26-year-old Calvin Bennett, on the dating website. Go read the story…

Now of course all I can think about is getting a copy of all the photos of Americas Most Wanted criminals and using our image recognition technology to do an image search on all international dating sites. If Mr. Frind can catch one crimila using low tech, image what we could do?

I am going high tech criminal searching today.

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