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   I now have a library card. I have not had one in 15 years at least. I have no room to store additional books at home so until I redesign the house, add bookcases and the like I will be mooching off the library. I already have an overdue book! I can’t believe how time flies. My overdue notice comes in the form of a voice mail left on my phone; it still conjures up images of my childhood librarian who would give you the most evil eye on the planet when you had overdue books… gives me the chills just to think about it!
Perhaps I should simply consider piling up books on the floor in various corners of the house…I have the feeling this library card business is not going to last long.

In the Land of Bumbley Boo
Spike Milligan

In the land of the Bumbley Boo
The People are red white and blue,
They never blow noses,
Or ever wear closes,
What a sensible thing to do!

In the land of the Bumbley Boo
You can buy Lemon pie at the zoo;
They give away foxes
In little Pink Boxes
And Bottles of Dandylion Stew.

In the land of the Bumbley Boo
You never see a Gnu,
But thousands of cats
Wearing trousers and hats

Oh, the Bumbley Boo! the Bumbley Boo!
That’s the place for me and you!
So hurry! Let’s run!
The train leaves at one!
For the land of the Bumbley Boo!
The wonderful Bumbley Boo-Boo-Boo!
The Wonderful Bumbley BOO!!!

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