Shoot me!


Yes, I give you permission to shoot me – or at least hit me
with a baseball bat (easier to get your hands on in Canada) if I ever stop running
again for reasons other than being dead. I did a 5 km last night (was cold and
windy) and another one this morning and it feels fantastic.

I don’t know what the hell I was thinking not running for the past 2 months,
actually since the Tahoe Triple. It’s insane! I don’t know how many times I
started my running regimen only to be thwarted by how I prioritize my day. Work
comes first – goes without saying but … this is where it kind of falls apart:
I work better, I am more focused and think better when I run. So running needs
to get a priority over everything else. If you don’t see me running, please do
me a favour: just shoot me.

I am thinking about my race schedule for 2007 and I will post it this evening.
Between 2005 and 2006 with very little training I finished a half marathon, a
marathon, a 50km race and an entire series of trail races (anywhere from 10 km
to 25km), I also finished the Death Valley 30 km (fantastic race!) but I also
DNF’ed a lot of races including the Tahoe Triple in September. This year I
would like to complete at least 12 races – a combination of 50k races and
marathons and some trail races. I am going back to finish the Tahoe Triple in
2007 (registration is open!). The Tahoe Triple is kind of important to me as
its completion will allow me to attempt the MDS.

Stay tuned for a super charged race schedule in 2007!

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