Hunger….The whole story

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  1. Have you completely lost your mind? This is one stupid challenge alright.
    ps: your link to ‘Hunger’ is messed up.

  2. Hey AC,
    I fiexed the hunger link. Thanks. I know this is crzay. I have my money on Paul. I am sure he is going to win…

  3. Leila — May I attempt to dissuade you and your ilk from submitting to the Challenge Inviolability Paradigm (aka the ChIP on your shoulder)?

    Among other liabilities, ChIP suffers from an alarming similarity to the guiding diplomatic philosophy extant in the West Wing.

    IOW: Just because it hurts, you are not required to do it.

    I recommend, instead, that you apply a variant of the The Golden Rule, viz: “Thou shalt only do to thyself that which you would have others do to you.”

    That said, may the best masochist win.


  4. Oh dear , i don’t hear from you both in a while and now find out you have a starvation challenge underway.

    Can’t you decide on another type of challenge, one that’s a bit healthier and allows you to have all the holiday sweets you want ?

    well.. stop it this crazy challenge.Start another one, one that isn’t food related – ok!

    That being said, may you both have strength and stay healthy.

    Cheers – Robert

  5. Ok, now this is ridiculous. The first step in healing is to recognize you have a problem. Leila, you have an addiction to competition. And Paul is your enabler, the codependent in the relationship. It’s dysfunctional. Certainly not healthy.

    Now stop this insanity and get that veggie burger with sweet potato frites with peanut sauce at Fresh on Crawford.

  6. omfg no! not you too! the Snailkiller just finished a ten-day fast–all he was allowed was some amount of rotten tea every morning, unsweetened of course. it was painful to watch. he made it all the way through, and actually started to feel better on day eight or nine when he had some insights.

    I hope you looked at that Slate article, especially para. 3 et seqq., “Fasting becomes dangerous after just three to five days….”


  7. Oh Leila you silly goose.

    Your brilliant bloodymindedness serves you well in all manner of concerns, though your own personal well being not being chief among them.

    Anyone else and we wouldn’t have to worry about you remembering to stop before you actually do starve yourself to death.

    I suppose though it could still be worse, Okay under no circumstances should someone like you, Leila, get any sort of ideas from or even click on a link like this one:

    just thought i’d help you out with that piece of friendly advice…

  8. Sine Cerere et Baccho friget Venus. [Roughly, “without food and drink, your sex-life goes out the window.”]


    Marcilius Cognatus … hath many stories … of such as after long fasting have been seduced by devils; and “’tis a miraculous thing to relate” (as Cardan writes) “what strange accidents proceed from fasting; dreams, superstition, contempt of torments, desire of death, prophecies, paradoxes, madness; fasting naturally prepares men to these things.” Monks, anchorites, and the like, after much emptiness, become melancholy, vertiginous, they think they hear strange noises, confer with hobgoblins, devils, rivel up their bodies, saith Gregory, they become bare skeletons, skin and bones…. Hilarion, Hierome reports in his life, and Athanasius of Antonius, was so bare with fasting, “that the skin did scarce stick to the bones; for want of vapours he could not sleep, and for want of sleep became idleheaded, heard every night infants cry, oxen low, wolves howl, lions roar” (as he thought), “clattering of chains, strange voices, and the like illusions of devils.” Such symptoms are common to those that fast long, are solitary, given to contemplation, overmuch solitariness and meditation.

    —Robert Burton, “Anatomy of Melancholy” III.i.4.2

    Let me have men about me, that are fat,
    Sleek-headed men, and such as sleep a-nights:
    Yond Cassius has a lean and hungry look,
    He thinks too much: such men are dangerous.

    —“Julius Caesar” I.2

  9. Why vitamins and coffee.
    You should just limit yourself to water and tea with very little honey to sweeten it.
    And then you can last days…How do they do in Sahara?? Since you plan to do the Dakar, you should know about the Tuaregs and how they deal with hunger in the desert…
    No big deal really.
    Your so-called “challenge” is a day to day affair someplace else, no fuss about it…

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