Double Trouble!


The photo above was taken in Baltimore a week ago. This is Baltimore’s tourism campaign logo. Just so appropriate!

Two world first at Idee today:
    – Agence France Press is the first wire service in the world to automatically monitor its image sales/usage using image recognition and our incredible image monitoring service. Incredible is what it is! Yes I know I am totally biased (I am Idee’s CEO!) but nonetheless: our image monitoring service speaks for itself. For the first time in history one of Europe’s largest wire service can automatically (and successfully) monitor its sold images accurately. This is a technology and business breakthrough. A wire services massive image collection requires bleeding edge indexing, image recognition and searching. 
Why should anybody care? Well: we are introducing transparency and accountability to the photo industry, to an industry that was never able to consider technologies to monitor their content (images and video). Image monitoring will change – oh who am I kidding – is changing the landscape of image sales. Imagine a world where content is free flowing because it can be tracked and accounted for everywhere at any time. Now image this capabilities in the hands of the content creators themselves: the photographers.

Welcome to the future!

Our next little announcement will have to wait for my next post. Work to get back to!

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