Jörg Colberg

I discovered Jörg Colberg’s blog completely by accident. I think he was mentioned or linked to from Andy’s blog and his blog just sat in my RSS feed until today. I am not a frequent blog reader (lack of time); I am also an infrequent blogger (lack of time, honest!). That said I have been talking to a lot of (pro and amateur) photographers (because of work) and I am finding that I am learning so so much about photography and the community’s needs. So I will blog about what I have seen (and learned). Stay tuned!

I am the worst photographer on the planet. I can barely shoot a non-fuzzy photograph. My flickr account is a testimony to my attempt at starting to take photographs and looking into my Photoshop Elements album I find that today I have over 10,000 photographs. 90% of them are throw away photos but they represent instants that I wanted to capture or remember. The funny part: my photo taking skills have slightly improved! As they say: practice makes perfect.

Now that said: my adventure starting with Jörg’s blog took me all over the place. I will post a compiled list of interesting blog posts and photo sites later.
Thanks Jörg!

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