Where the hell is my head?


Don’t feel right…

It don’t feel, it don’t feel, I can’t feel it no more
Seems to me nowadays things have changed
I don’t know if I feel the same

If, like me, you are a Roots fan, than the above needs no explanation.

Well… of course it does not feel the same. I have not been running and that should pretty much tell you everything you need to know.
I know what you are thinking: how many more time are you going to hear me say "I am back to running". Everytime I stop running I just want to box myself. I mean really: I want "me" on this side of the ring and "me" on this other one. What the hell was I thinking? How can I not have taken the running shoes out for a run for more than 6 weeks. How the hell does this happen?

The last time I felt great was when I won the Idee running competition: close to 300 kilometers in January. Oh lord take me back, take me back to January. My first race, the sprint warm up, is happening in April and I am signing up for the 38km. Please help me.

Here is my race schedule for April and May 2007. I am praying for no injuries. I don’t know how I am going to make it. I saw Mr. T last week and he is so bloody fit I want to kill him. He has been running the entire winter. He did a personal best in a half marathon just a couple of weeks ago. I don’t want to know what he is planning to run this season. I don’t even want to see him for the next 10 weeks until the Toronto Ultra race, because I know he won’t be doing the 50km and I will!

April 7: Toronto | Spring warm up 28 km

May 5: Toronto | The Toronto Ultra Race 50 km, 100 km

May 26: 2007 Sulphur Springs, 25 km
I can never run the Sulphur Springs race as it is so close to the Toronto Ultra race. Finishing the 50 km Toronto Ultra kills me and I am never recovered 2 weeks later to be able to run Sulphur Springs except I will try this time around. I love the trails.

June 30 – July 1: I also want to do the Conquer the Canuck this year: a 50 km race followed by a marathon the next day. A whooping 92 km.

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