Image Search: The Future is here

John Batelle has a nice little ah ha image search moment, from his blog:

Then it hit me. Once we can search by image, I mean, really by image, we’ll be able to find ALL the instances of this gal, all over the web

I tried dropping a comment on his blog this morning but to no avail. Alas I must either be lacking caffeine, or my keyboard is playing tricks on me. Could not get the post through so I am pinging John this way:

John, nice post. It hits right home. That’s exactly what we are currently doing: we do image searching, true image searching! We find instances of our client images on the Internet and print publications. You submit an image and using our image recognition technology we can tell you where it has appeared, see here. There are obviously many applications for this but this is not a pitch post, just wanted to drop you a line. Meant to get in touch a billion years ago but this is as good a time as any.

I actually have a post about the "everywhere girl" that will be going up on my blog later today and I will ping you then. This is a fun post about a particular photograph that keeps getting used by everyone (from financial services firms to you name it). Will ping you later with a link.