Girls, Girls, Girls

I knew I would get your attention with that post title. Well, it should really read Girl, Girl, Girl…and for that matter it should really simply read Everywhere Girl

If you know about Idée, you also know that we have soft launched an image monitoring service. This service allows clients to find out where their images have been used in print as well as on the Internet. Our proprietary image recognition technology is the foundation technology used to build this service. You can learn more about how the technology works by viewing this little video.

For most of our clients image monitoring is a very manual process involving manually flipping through publications to locate their image credits or using Google searches to find online image usages. Now what’s fascinating – besides image monitoring! – are the image usages we find. One particular example is the Everywhere Girl.  John Batlelle’s post about image search reminded of my ever lingering Everywhere Girl post. What if when you see an image you were able to search for all the places it has appeared?

The first time I heard about Everywhere Girl was from Andy’s blog over at StockPhotoTalk. Andy posted about the Everywhere Girl and upon reading his blog post I thought that hey, wait a minute, since we can identify instances of our client photos both online and in print, would it not be great if I found out where the Everywhere Girl was appearing? And there, my Everywhere Girl fascination started. So first here is what I found out about the Everywhere Girl:

  • She actually exists: ie she is a person who lives in the US
  • She has been around for quite some time
  • Her identity was unknown until recently (I think last year)
  • She is a model and indeed has started appearing everywhere from Dell advertisements to financial services advertisements to Church websites, and even our own Canadian government has used her photograph on their website!

The Everywhere Girl is Jennifer Chandra (Hello Jennifer!), her photograph was taken by Doug Menuez many years ago and his image of Jennifer Chandra has been licensed as a royalty free image. In this post Jennifer talks about finding out she is the Everywhere Girl.

So for our little image monitoring exercise I licensed the Everywhere Girl image and started using our image monitoring service to see where it showed up. You will find sample findings below. I will continue updating this post with new findings.

I find the story of the Everywhere Girl fascinating. I have always wondered what makes a photo representative of a group, idea, population or? I mean given the millions of images available for licensing why this photo and not another one? Is this a key cultural indicator? Is there an Everywhere boy? An Everywhere dog or cat? It sure would be great to find out!

Oh and if you are curious as to how Everywhere Girl looks today, visit Flickr! oh and one last Paul Hales from the Inquirer also has a very nice collection of Everywhere Girl appearances. And Brian does too.

I am looking for the Everywhere dog… Help me if you have seen him!

New Tribes Bible Institute


Greyhound Canada: I made a little collage of this as the webpage was too wide


Corporate Communications


Silluvan University


Canada Revenue: Child and Family Services


Student Ministries


Air Conditioning Specialists


Gielle : Electronic system for safety Gielle

ESL classes in Japan


Update: The Everywhere Girl is also on the cover of a lot of books. See for yourself here.


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