Found and Read

Om Malik introduces his next venture: Found+ Read. With his first introductory paragraph he nails the world of technology start up and the battles we face with all the folks covering the industry. OM: welcome to our madness, but you have crossed over a long time ago… Keep up the good work. Looking forward to seeing Found + Read grow.

From Om’s intro:

Many of us in the reporting business, convince ourselves that we can do a better job than folks we typically write about, a malady that is often experienced during the boom years, at least in Silicon Valley. Like others, I had my visions of grandeur. Talk about being delusional, for the differential between theory and practice is that between Roger Clemens and a 12-year-old pitching in the little league games.

Last nine months have been a lesson in humility, and a harsh realization that starting a company is for those dumb enough to climb a rock face standing perpendicular to terra firma. Confusion, constant second guessing, manic multitasking and perma-smile are new emotions. Caffeine has become my best friend. Sleep and I have broken up.

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