Our first newsletter: The Idealist has gone out. I don’t know what has taken us so long to put out something that keeps us in touch with our clients and industry. Just too busy building software I guess! I am looking forward to seeing the newsletter grow, address our industry questions and shed some light on what we are building next.
We are busy at work on our next Idee Image Monitoring release – to clients only, not a public release – the features and rhe redesign look amazing and I am very excited about this. Why? because we are introducing features that are going to make our clients lifes easier, better; we will give them the tools to understand where their images are appearing, how they are appearing, how many of those images are in print publications over time etc. Great statistcis and data analysis that will make their decision making easier. I believe this is the future of image tracking, the future is not just about finding out and knowing where your images are appearing in print or the web; it much more about the other information/data that surfaces when you actually look at your image monitoring reports. Data analysis enhance a firms intelligence.

This is going to be transformational so stay tuned.

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