Get Outside


Getting ready for tomorrow’s Creemore Vertical: 25 KM of vertical trails by drinking Pastis (I am dreaming of a Perroquet but I don’t have any mint syrop) and copying songs to my ipod. I know I will regret this. I just know it but …

I am looking forward to the race. My running has totally tanked this year. It has been quite pathetic. With the exception of a 14 km run last week in High Park with Mr. T. I have done nothing, nothing, nothing. Well 5 km here, 5 km there but that’s about it. Sad. Sad. Sad.

Tomorrow’s course is a 25 kilometer hourglass loop with 25% trail, 74% gravel road, 1% pavement and

almost no cliffs.  The course is hilly (60% uphill and 30% downhill), climbing the Niagara Escarpment twice per loop. I want to do the 50 km run but I know I will never finish it. I pray that I will have the strenght and courage to finish tomorrow’s 25 km. I hate gravel and I hate hills. But up, up, up we will go.

I am erasing all songs in my ipod and copying over my hard core music. Tomorrow I will run with Tupac, The (legendary) Roots, Brother Ali, Outlawz, Dead Prez, Mos Def and for the finish line Manu Chao cranked up.

Deprisa deprisa a rumbo perdido…

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