Friday round up

How do you measure out-of-home advertising? Why would anyone care? Because out-of-home advertising is a $6.8 billion industry.

From AdvertisingAge article:

A $6.8 billion industry in 2006, out-of-home advertising has never had anything resembling a universal metric to measure the audiences seeing the ads on platforms ranging from billboards to digital signs to bus stops.

Professional photographer wins a 64K judgment in copyright infringement lawsuit.

A federal judge recently awarded Burch a $63,866 judgment against a New York City travel agency, finding that the site used four of Burch’s photographs on its Web site without permission.

Photoshop of Horrors
Like Joerg Colberg I could not resist!

The National Football League has passed a new rule for the upcoming season that requires photographers at NFL games to wear red vests with Canon and Reebok logos on them.
Come again? Since when do photographers = billboards?

We are blogging!
Microstock agency blogs, blog all about it here.

Via PDNPulse
Grizzly, grizzly, grizzly hoax. What were they thinking? I mean if you are going to steal a photo, try at least and make sure it is an obscur one, not a poster photo!

Images of David Beckham’s planned debut for LA Galaxy against Chelsea on Saturday are to be used by UK-based PA Photos to trial a new release of ShootLive, a photo service that will herald a new era in how sports photography reaches websites, mobile phones and other media outlets.

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