Superstar CEOs suck?

Via Marc Andreessen’s blog post

The belief that exceptional performers, or tournament winners, subsequently underperform is widely-held in the popular press. In sports, the well-known “Sports Illustrated Jinx” applies to athletes who appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine. In the entertainment industry, the term “Sophomore Jinx” refers to successful new performers who do not live up to the quality of their debuts. In academia, Paul Samuelson describes(the vulgar view of) “Nobel Prize Disease” as follows:

    After winners receive the award and adulation, they wither away into vainglorious sterility. More than that, they become pontificating windbags, preaching to the world on ethics and futurology, politics and philosophy. At circular tables, where they sit they believe to be the head of the table.2

From a paper by Ulrike Malmendier of UC Berkeley and Geoffrey Tate of UCLA

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