PA Top 50!


I made Canada’s list of 50 most influential people in graphic communications.

PrintAction’s 6th-annual list of Canada’s 50 Most Influential People in Graphic Communications positions powerful Canadians based on a set of five criteria to illustrate emerging trends in today’s graphic communications marketplace. This year’s measures include: Power, Print (dots), Digital (pixels), Global reach, and Future potential. Heavy consideration is given to technological development.

On the top 50:
1. Pierre Karl Péladeau, President & CEO, Quebecor & Quebecor Media
2. Michael Sabia, CEO, Bell Canada
3. Ted Rogers, President and CEO, Rogers Communications
7. Jim Balsillie, Co-CEO, Research in Motion
16. Tim Bray, Director, Web Development, Sun Microsystems
18. Gary Kovacs, VP Mobile and Devices, Adobe

et moi!


  1. Leila

    Franck: Hey man, thanks. Got to get to France very soon. September lunch? Indeed 41 steps to go, let’s see if I make them in one year!

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