If it is Monday September 17, 2007 then it is DemoCamp day. DemoCamp14 is sold out.  This is just amazing. If you are registered the details of the event are below. I will see you there!

When:    Monday, September 17, 2007 5:30-9:00pm (presentation will start at 6:15pm)
Where:    Toronto Board of Trade, 1 First Canadian Place, Toronto

If you are registered and not able to attend the event, please drop a line to David Crow (David (at) so that they can open the spot to someone on the waiting list.

Demo Schedule

  • Zoomii presented by Chris Thiessen. This is an Amazon affiliate bookstore that’s like a real bookstore seen through google maps. It’s still in private beta. You could sign up to try it this evening.
  • Cytoscape by Gary Bader, Cytoscape is open source Java software for visualizing and analyzing networks, including biological networks.
  • AideRSS presented by Kevin Thomason. AideRSS filtering service, tools and widgets for blogs.
  • ePresence by Peter Wolf. This is the software toolkit for real  time web conferencing developed at the University of Toronto.
  • shiftMode by Brydon Gillis. An enabling framework for .NET.

Ignite Presentations
An ignite presentation is a 5 minute presentation with 20 slides x 15 seconds per slide where the presenter does not have control over the slide show.

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