Monday Round up

The three kinds of platforms you meet on the Internet by Marc Andreessen

A "platform" is a system that can be programmed and therefore customized by outside developers — users — and in that way, adapted to countless needs and niches that the platform’s original developers could not have possibly contemplated, much less had time to accommodate. Continue reading

You can follow the TechCrunch40 online: well, kind of. They will post videos of demos and the such throughout the day.

Via Scott Heiferman’s Notes this morning:
From a NYT article

As more Americans have become abundantly wealthy, young people are recalculating old assumptions about success. The flood of money into private equity and hedge funds over the last decade has made billionaires out of people like Kenneth Griffin, 38, chief executive of the Citadel Investment Group, and Eddie Lampert, 45, the hedge fund king who bought Sears and Kmart. These men are icons for the fast buck set — particularly the mathematically gifted cohort of rising stars known as “quants.” Many college graduates who are bright enough to be top computer scientists or medical researchers are becoming traders instead, and they measure their status in dollars instead of titles.

Startup Review profiles StepUp Commerce: Subscription model for early market

Richard MacManu on Web 2.0 and Enterprise over at Read/WriteWeb

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