What are the other boats doing?

From the Mercury News article:

Today, Greene, at 52, is best known for navigating VMware, a company that might best be likened to a nuclear submarine.

For years VMware operated in the obscure depths of computer science, gradually developing the know-how and market for its esoteric "virtualization" software. When VMware debuted on Wall Street last month, its stock took off like a Polaris missile, with a trajectory that has pushed its market capitalization to $25.8 billion. It is America’s third most highly valued software maker, after Microsoft and Oracle.

"I think sailboat racing taught me a lot," Greene said. Racing and running a company, she explained, require preparation, organization and "the right team." It requires a keen awareness of shifting conditions and the ability to weigh all the factors, including rivals: "What are the other boats doing?"

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