Scaling the fotolog way and lessons learned

From Todd Hoff at High Scalability:
Fotolog, a social blogging site centered around photos, grew from about 300 thousand users in 2004 to over 11 million users in 2007. Though they initially experienced the inevitable pains of rapid growth, they overcame their problems and now manage over 300 million photos and 800,000 new photos are added each day. Generating all that fabulous content are 20 million unique monthly visitors and a volunteer army of 30,000 new users each day.

What they learned:

  • keep it simple
  • resist the temptation to add feature after feature
  • constraints in web sites can, like in poetry, make something unexpectedly better
  • allow for organic exploration as a navigation form and not just search
  • have a vision (who knew!)
  • revenue generation features can be added without destroying the integrity of your site.

A good read.

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