DemoCamp-ing again

If you have not registered for DC15 (DemoCamp 15) you are going to be out of luck and you will probably miss seeing a great demo and speaker line up. The team (David, Jay, Greg and yours truly) has been hard at work reviewing, planning and so here you have it: DC15!

15:00 Doors open
16:00 to 17:00 Demos
17:30 to 18:30 Ignite Presentations
19:00 DC15 moves to the pub (Details to be provided later)

Location and Directions
Hart House, 7 Hart House Circle, Toronto, ON


Pete Forde, Unspace Interactive, Jester
Jester is a JavaScript implementation of REST, modeled after Ruby on Rails’ ActiveResource. You can use it to read, create, and save your application’s data in your browser-side code. Considering recent advances with cross-domain JSON requests, Jester is positioned to be the glue to developing a new class of client-side database driven websites.

Radu Negulescu, Aceora Software
Java ME productization issues using a currency exchange calculator that downloads exchange rates. Appreciation of the 20-some issues that need to be solved to bring even the simplest mobile phone software to the market: installation using jad, configuration without config files, user authorization requirements, conversion of keys to digits, Java ME vs .NET tradeoff, etc. See Radu’s demo and hear what he has learned in the process.

Liang Song, OMESH Networks
The demo shows a prototype of opportunistic wireless mesh networks, which shows 1) the drop-and-play of mesh stations that can vastly save network planning/deployment costs; 2) better performance to support voice and video services.

Shachin Ghelanil, Ogrant, Social Media for Financial Aid
Shachin will be showing Ogrant’s new interactive online grant service. Ogrant allows students to apply for school grants and scholarships using videos and images instead of essays, transcripts and reference letters. Essentially, a student interactive application can be reivewed and voted on by peers and ranked based on creativity, talent and intellectual ability. Shachin will share what they learned while developing a platform to transform an outdated industry (financial aid) and how their plans evolved as their development progressed.

Will Pate, Conceptshare
A sneak preview of ConceptShare version 2. The entire web management interface has been re-engineered from the ground up introducing a simple, clean UI.
This will be Conceptshare’s second appearance at DemoCamp and it will be great to see how far they have come since last year.

Ignite Presentations:
Rick Segal, JLA Ventures – Raising Money from the Suits and other talking Checkbooks. This promises to be entertaining! A VC crash course.
Greg Judelman, Bruce Mau Design – Meet Bruce Mau Design
Michael Bolton, DevelopSense – Emotions as Test Oracles
Andy Walker, Little Geeks – Give a computer. Reboot a child’s life.
John MacRitchie, Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE) – Shortcut to finding OCE funding

Thanks everyone for submitting an ignite presentation or demo! This is awesome and I still can’t get over the fact that 300 people registered for DC15!