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Go Discover the Flickr Commons

Flickr Commons is absolutely awesome. Working in the editorial photo space I see a lot of editorial and news photographs, what I have always missed and tend to gravitate towards are cultural heritage photos and archive photos that we never ever get to see openly. Sometimes they are behind walls (no access to consumers), sometimes the search tools of the sites hosting the collections are so terrible that one gives up any hope of finding anything useful. I am so looking forward to this Flickr pilot succeeding.

The first part of the Flickr Commons project is a pilot that the Flickr team has created in partnership with The Library of Congress. The Library’s catalogue is not entirely available on Flickr: the Library of Congress team has selected 1,500 photographs from their collections to showcase on Flickr. This is a brilliant start! Awesomeness! Now what the project is really about is: showcasing the image collection and allowing the public at large to tag the images. There are today over 20 million tags on Flickr. And the hope here is that these additional tags could make searching the Library of Congress collections easier and better in the future. I am in. So folks, join me, and get tagging! The Library of Congress also has a blog post about the initiative.

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