Let the fun begin: Tahoe Triple

2 thoughts on “Let the fun begin: Tahoe Triple”

  1. Leila,
    in the past you had a weekly log of running distances of people who would be running for training, there were several people from your company, one guy I forget his name who was doing at least 75 km a week (probably trying to run away from his wife or something), will you be reinstituting that list, it was a great motivator and a way of people owning up to the fact if they ran or didn’t that week

  2. Good luck with the training and see you in Tahoe!
    Not sure if you are planning to run in the Salomons, but I ran the triple in those in 2004 and found them a little to soft for three days of road pounding…
    These days I go with the Nike Air Zoom Vomero.

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