Back from the Yukon

I am back from the Yukon and buried up in work. That’s why I don’t like taking any time off. The worse: there was no blackberry support up there! The first day was hell. After the first day you kind of feel really strange: ie where is the familiar and comforting buzzing sound of incoming calls and emails? You feel like something is missing, something really big: your gateway to the world! Your blackberry. I am officially an addict. I suffered from blackberry withdrawal: fondling my blackberry, talking to it, wondering out loud if I drove to Alaska if there would be reception…

One comment

  1. Albert Lai

    isn’t Yukon an amazing place?

    I was there once several years ago in the summer time.

    what a blast.

    the people were fantastically warm and friendly.

    I hope to go back again… hope you had as good a time as i did.