Leila is still alive!

Oh yes, she is! I can not explain how time goes by. I just can’t. I would love the days to be longer, the months to be longer, jeez I would love to have a twin, a duplicate or triplicate Leila; that would be awesome – for me mostly – not for anyone who has a hard enough time to cope with one Leila! But boy would I ever be able to get stuff done. Image 2-3 versions of you, working diligently, getting stuff done, knocking items from that to-do list. It sure would be awesome. It sure would be awesome to get up in the morning and not have a to do list to wrestle and tame.

So I am just telling my one reader + you that I have not disappeared of the face of the planet. I am still here. Taming the beast. The private beta release is just about baked. Tomorrow is a big day – internally.

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