Lunch 2.0


We had a great time at the Whishingline Studio. I did not think I was going to be able to attend but the TinEye robots smiled upon me. It was nice to visit the Wishingline studio and to meet Scott’s team. I used to run by his studio location so I was familiar with the area. Wishingline is on Queen street very East of the Ideeplex.

I learn so much from seeing people work in their environment and that’s why I am so found of Lunch 2.0. If you are wondering what we do during a Lunch 2.0 event? It is simple: we get to see a local startup office, learn about them, see any work they are willing to showcase and meet other people … and grow our little community.

I am looking forward to the next Lunch 2.0 event. If you are a local startup, design studio, software firm and are interested in holding the next Lunch 2.0, get in touch lboujnane (at) and I will be happy to get you going. We can now confirm that the Wishingline studios are not an igloo, although they are in  Toronto (Canada)!

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