I had that idea years ago!


(Photo by Andrew)

That’s not just the heading of a 37 Signals blog post, that’s actually the subject line of many emails I receive in the Ideeplex. It makes me smile once in a while specially when it comes to TinEye! I mean sure we all have thought about going to the moon or building a great blogging tool or just a simple contact management system that even my mother could use. We all have ideas. Ideas are a dime a dozen. No really. I am not kidding. But what’s the difference between your idea (I know you have been thinking about it for years) and my idea? Execution. That’s the only tiny little difference.

When someone else is having success with an idea similar to yours, it’s
almost like you’re having that success, if only you would have pulled
the trigger on it. It inflates the sense that your brilliant idea
really was brilliant and that success was just a binary switch away

Yes… if only! As Jevon from StartupNorth says: Stop lying to yourself and get moving.

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